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'The bringer of war does not start the flames, but those who breath fire, burn the forest'-GaleHowl

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Writing Contest - Deadline 4/10/2017

Sat Mar 18, 2017, 12:57 PM

Chibi by DeUyuniTime for another contest!!

Hello everybody, I want to host a much smaller contest this time. To do with.. Writing.

What kind of writing? 


I love reading stories and such, they're so fun!! I am very very particular though I've noticed.

One it comes to fanfiction, I am more open minded than I am one it comes to a book.

But still I have such a select few books I read, there is a very select few fanfictions I like to read. 

So lets hop to it. 


(If you really want to you can contribute a prize)

3 month core membership or 1,200 :points:
2 chibis by me 
1 commissions from KrakenTHeeight and a headshot from Schlammy 
You and your fanfiction will be featured on my page < 3 

1 chibi
1 headshot from KrakenTHeeight

50 point
a virtual hug 
1 headshot sketch
(LOL sorry I love you still) 

If you would like an extension, we are willing to change the date by a week at max!!

Dead line
4 / 10 / 2017

How to enter!! + Rules

- You must advertise this journal VIA, a journal, poll or other
- If your fanfiction is SFW you may either post it in the comments (If under 500 words long), or post it as literature and link it too me
- IF your fanfiction is NSFW, you may NOT post it in the comments, you may post it on your own page, but you must note me the link.
- Your fanfiction must be atleast 500 words long
- If you read all these rules please comment with 
"How can Mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real" 
"I'm a weaboob" 
So what am I writing?

Here are the following characters I would like you to write fanfictions about. 
(This will update as the contest goes on!)

F A N D O M 

- Jack x Atlas or Fontaine - 
- I love the backstory to these two, I like to read about their relationship prior to the taking of the first Bioshock, if you choose to write about them, please try to include other characters in the First Bioshock game, I enjoy the immersion and inclusion of others.

- SongBird x Elizabeth - 
-I love their sweet relationship, I honestly cried many times with these two.

- Big daddy x Little Sister - 
- Give me short and sweet fic of them

- FilthyFrank x Pink Guy - 
Filthy Frank Reaction Emoticon [1] 
- My favorite youtuber, mainly because of his lighthearted nature, and just pure don't care attitude. He really helps me out one I'm taking life a bit too seriously. If you plan to write your fanfiction around him, I am looking for something lighthearted, goofy, weird, and over all just what you usually find on the FilthyFrank channel. 

- Ford x Bill Cipher -
 gravity falls bill cipher intensifies 
- I would like if you added McGucket as well, I liked the team work between Ford and Bill. and love fanfictions that let me peek into the story that lead up to Gravity Falls. If you plan to write a fanfiction about this, I want serious tone, and mysterious undertones to it.

- StanFord x Stanley - 
GF: 'You're our hero Stanley...' Chat Icon  
- Stan o' War, that's all. (That picture gave me the feels whyy_) 

HTE - 

RoseDawn x GaleHowl
- The story behind these two were, they both were part of The RoseEye but had no relation outside of an occasional check up by GaleHowl. Though during the liquidation of the RoseEye, GaleHowl's face was scorched, and they were temporarily blinded, RoseDawn came back to save her, and since GaleHowl holds a huge crush on him.

MorningPaw x Aspenkit
- They're adorable blind siblings, and I just want blind dorky adventures, PLEASE.

RoseDawn x Petalpaw x Smokepaw - 
- Little adventures with these three, since RoseDawn just has found two little apprentices and are dragging them along on his quests. 

Thundersnow x DipperStar
-They just discuss discoveries with each other, and share the KNAWLEDGE

If you would like to write one about any of my other OCS tell me. ;v ; or if you want to see a few of my developed ocs

Skin by SimplySilent

ΔWhat the gnomes got FamΔ

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qHOLY ,,, I inspire you?? woah,,, thank you SO SO MUCH!! <333 your artwork is absolutely GORGEOUS and you have so so much talent DAMN! how the heck was I not watching you earlier,, your stuff is FLAWLESS!! :'O
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Hey hon, would you be interested in doing a trade? A design for art? < 333 

I really love your art. 
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Thank you so very much for the watch!! ;u;
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